12 – a film about the Fret Click

Juvenile malice! Inventiveness on the skateboard! Preambles of many trends in current skate culture! These are the qualifications that founded the reputation of a tight group of twelve friends that called themselves the Fret Click – a name which origins are still covered in fog… or smoke?!

Hardcore members Woei, Skelter, Dannes, Silhouet, Rerun, Vrekje, Geoff, Paul, Merijn, Spike, Cois and Phin spent their weekends at self-acclaimed skateboard spots like the RAI in Amsterdam and the Weena in Rotterdam. They falsified train tickets, slept in the streets, and arrived fashionably late on skateboard competitions.

Their legendary status has perpetuated through the Nike SB Zoom Air FC that was dedicated to the Fret Click, an honour that is usually limited to sports heroes like Michael Jordan and skateboard heroes like Mike Carroll (who had his own Vans shoe), and also through this documentary film.

In a fast, humorous and also moving way, debuting director Gyz La Rivière documented the Frets in their prime and current activities. Although persistent in staying young, adult life gets a hold on almost all of them… but heck… growing up is not a crime.


A Gyz La Rivière Film

camera: Roel van Tour and Marco Grandia
sound: David Spaans
written by: Gyz La Rivière
editing: Joppo and Robin Hancock
grading: Joppo
sound editing: Mark Sharkee
graphic design: Studio Rufus Ketting
executive producers: Gyz La Rivière, Gerben Willers and Jeroen S. Rozendaal
co-produced by: showroom MAMA
production assistants: Fleur Kolk and Daniëlle van der Velden
web design & integration: Marie-Claude Doyon
a StudioRev Production 2009


Support by:
Rotterdam Media Fonds
showroom MAMA
Centrum Beeldende Kunst
Mondriaan Foundation
Gemeente Rotterdam, Dienst Kunst en Cultuur
Your World, European Youth Capital 2009
Ministerie van OCW


Masters of archive:
Maurice Verburg
Marco Grandia
Jeroen de Vries
Roshan Bhalotra
Robert Rosenau
Menna Laura Meijer
Randy Ruijter
Hans Veldhuizen – RSI
Rens Keijzer
Orvik Jansen
Andy Metscher
Marcel Veldman
Rutger Geerling
Richard Ouwens
Gyz La Rivière
Gregory Vyent
Arne Toonen

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